Wine Isn’t a Drink, It’s a Lifestyle

You may have noticed in my bio or from my blog title that I’m a wine drinker. Now there are several ways to consume alcohol, and I’m not knocking any of them (Except beer. Gross.) So in an effort to promote love across the blogosphere, I decided  to educate people on why wine is so amazing, and my drink of choice. Wine may seem intimidating to people because of all the fancy terms and snobbery surrounding it, but that’s no different than any tumblr fandom. Trust me, you don’t have to take a bunch of wine tasting classes or drop $30 on a bottle to enjoy. Here are my top 5 reasons to break out the bottle opener and indulge in a glass or two.

1. Health Benefits

Food and Wine magazine points out some fabulous facts about the benefits to drinking wine. Reduces heart attack risk, promotes longevity, and slows brain decline to name a few. (Here’s the link for the full list and actual statistics if that’s your thing I’m no doctor, but during this stressful time of finals I think a nice glass of wine before bed would be the perfect cure. You reduce anxiety, and slow brain decline! It’s perfect while studying, or crying yourself to sleep when you realize the impossible task of an 8:00am Stats final the next day.

2. Sophistication

Are you like me, and don’t have the time/energy/money to buy truffles and kale for your next dinner party or pot luck? Never fear! A nice (but not expensive) bottle of wine can upgrade your mac and cheese to gourmet. And if you know your hostess enjoys a glass, it can be a great gift in lieu of actually bringing a dish for a potluck. I mean, people always go for the cheese dips anyway (By people I mean me.)

3. Sharing is Caring

As stated above, wine is great with parties! Sure, most of us can knock out a bottle in a night, but it can be so much more enjoyable to invite some close friends over and have a girls (or guys or both) night. Wine helps the conversation flow and really enhances the flavor of Ben & Jerry’s.

4. Jesus Loved Wine

After all, he did go out of his way to change water, the healthiest drink on the planet, to wine in order to show people that not only was he a miracle worker, but a miracle worker who knew how to enjoy himself and the company of those around him. Didn’t he also use wine to demonstrate the blood of Christ in the last supper? Point made.

5. It tastes So Good

I may not be a wine expert, but I’ve had more than a couple of glasses in my day. People who say they don’t like the taste of wine usually start out with something super dry. Not the way to go. Start out with a sweet pink or Moscato and work your way to the heavier stuff. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself making excuses to pair it with every meal and wonder how inappropriate it would be to start off the morning with a glass.


With all these compelling reasons, there’s no excuse to not go buy your own bottle or turn your nose when offered a glass at a party. But please enjoy responsibly. The power of wine can easily go to your head.


Dear Readers

I’d like to take a moment from my irregularly scheduled posts to say hi. And thank you. And also to ask what you were thinking when you followed this blog, but in a way that won’t scare you away (yet). I never set out to have any followers, but here you are. My dreams of a completely  private blog are somewhat shattered, but hey, that’s ok. I’m looking forward to your thoughts, ideas and contributions that you bring. I mean, I enjoy talking to myself, but I do that enough already. So feel free to say hi, if I haven’t said hi back yet it is probably because I am swamped with life and am realizing how hard this blogging challenge is. I promise, I’ll get to you. Also, I appreciate your patience as I fiddle with themes and settings, and ramble on about my randomness. Your kindness is not unnoticed or unappreciated.


Much love,



Shattered Expectations

In a simple business transaction, in which you offer money for goods, there can be two, three, five or even ten parties depending on the various channels you use and the number of middle people between you and the item you desire. In the case of online shopping, generally there’s only two. It’s you and your lifeless, emotionless computer screen. I delight in this because when you find out your laptop battery is about to die, you can use said laptop to order a new one from Amazon at 2:00am while sitting in bed. It’s a modern marvel. You can then lie back immediately gratified and wonder at the quality of life you live. However, when Amazon sends you the wrong laptop battery, you begin to dislike this form of transaction and distrust technology altogether. I logged on to my laptop, huddled near an outlet to keep my pathetic battery going, and went to search the Amazon for someone to complain to and claim the battery that was rightfully mine. In no time I found a no frills, extremely easy online form to fill out and send; all I had to do was print the shipping labels and drop the wrong battery off at a nearby UPS.

Yet I wasn’t satisfied. You see, it’s all about expectations. When I paid online and clicked submit, I expected Amazon would send me the battery I ordered in a month so I could resume my daily life with as little of a blip as possible. When that didn’t go as planned, I felt wronged somehow. The universe didn’t work out how it was supposed to and it wasn’t my fault. I took to Twitter, sending a sarcastic tweet towards Amazon about how good it was to receive the wrong laptop battery, knowing some help bot would immediately reply. It did, offering me to contact them to get this problem resolved. Still, that’s wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted a phone number to call, a person to go to explain the situation exactly and how in a small, simple way it didn’t work, and now I was angry. I wanted, what many of us want when we go to the interwebs when we feel slighted, someone to talk at. Someone who will listen, and at the end of the story say, “You’e right, this shouldn’t have happened and it sucks.” Even tweeting into canyon of billions of tweets pushing to be heard still gives you some sense of telling your side of the story and being validated. At the end of a long, hard day it’s nice to know you’re being heard.

I Hate Firsts…

Firsts are awkward, and intimidating. Putting yourself out there, showing yourself even in a watered form is always nerve-racking for me. Being in college there are constant ice-breakers that you have to answer, “What’s your major? Where are you from? What do you want to do after college?” How do you answer your life in bullet points easily digestible in small talk over free appetizers? I’ve never mastered the art. Currently I’m in psychology, but I’m pursuing my Master’s of Social Work after I graduate. I’ve lived all around the United States but my easy answer is St. Louis, so I don’t go into detail about my family’s whimsical moving habits. After college I have so many options; take a year off, travel abroad or work in a cafe for a while to set up some money. Grad school is an eventuality but why limit my options so soon? And after Grad school, even more questions than answers I currently have. Now this, who are you and what do you want to blog about? Honestly I don’t really know. I have stories, ideas and dreams in my head that I want to put down, and a public blog is much better than a journal I feel. Here, I have an accountability, even if it is only to myself. This may be a cop out, but I’m only trying to be honest with you. I love social justice, food, indulging in self-care.I have a job as a Victim Advocate and student worker in an advising office and multiple funny/horror stories from them. I’m sure as time goes on and my blog and I age there will be a theme, a continuity but that is hard to achieve at the ripe age of 20 something. So here you go. Hello.